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I thought I'd let you know that my exhibition at The NORTH WALL ARTS CENTRE in South Parade in Summertown, OXFORD has started and is due to run from October 20 - 6 November 2021

I like to ensure I have a long term programme of exhibitions, and more to the point that I manage the issues of framing and preparing the paintings for show. Sometimes this is not possible and we have to roll with events. "Tant pis" as Cezanne might have said. It is what we have to live with during these difficult times. However my next exhibition is programmed for May 2022 at Sewell Centre Art Gallery

So the challenge is to try and give you, if not a virtual tour of the show, then at least an idea of the paintings that could have been on the walls for you to view. There are several parts to the exhibition; my responses to the impact of Coronavirus fom lockdown to tentative release to being allowed to travel; and some of the landscapes we visited, here and in France.

As you may know I tend to paint in series. Many of the exhibition paintings emerged during lockdown. They don't portray the horrors of Covid, rather they show an unconcious response to it and to the rules that were put in place.


I always listen to friends' comments. So in the absence of an exhibition at which people tell me what they like, what they want to buy, or what the challenges are about having one of my pictures, please feel free to drop me a line. If there are any particular paintings that interest you, you can contact me on this website or email

[email protected]

I have an arrangement with Wychwood Art Gallery and you can view those also at:

Thanks to all.



And now .............


Jon draws on a number of locations that have influenced his ideas on abstraction. These have all played a part in his ‘artistic journey’, and include Provence, Venice, Cuba, the Scottish Coast and landscapes around Oxford. Many pictures are painted ‘en plein air’, although increasingly in the studio. Through this series of themes he explores aspects of space, light, and colour. In some themes he uses concepts of detail to examine and manipulate emerging abstraction to express the essence of the place. It is the juxtaposition of colour and shape that often act as the starting point, and Jon uses these places to make statements about the nature and form of the land. In the same way his nudes can be seen as landscapes, their shapes reminiscent of land folds, and their sensuality reflecting the softness of the local hills. Whilst he draws on influences from west coast America he is grounded in what he sees and abstracts the scenes to create his art.

"Painting is a journey. One starts at one place - the blank canvas - and hopefully ends at a resolution. Sometimes one gets lost. My aim in this journey is to create original, contemporary art that is grounded in 'place'. Sometimes the picture takes on a life of its own often creating new challenges. Chance and opportunity are the travelling companions, but the art is to know when the journey is complete."

Recent exhibitions have included:

  • Sewell Centre Gallery, Oxfordshire- 2016 - solo exhibition
  • Wolfson College, Oxford - 2018 - solo exhibition
  • Art in St Giles, Oxford - August 2019 - group exhibition
  • Cornerstone Art Centre Gallery, Oxfordshire - September 2019 - solo exhibition
  • Boiler Room Gallery - The Jam Factory - Oxford - November to January2019-20 - solo exhibition

Watch out for upcoming exhibitions in 2020:

  • Kendrew Barn Gallery - Oxford 2020 now set for June 2021 POSTPONED DUE TO CORONA LOCKDOWN
  • North Wall Gallery - Oxford in October 2021
  • Sewell Centre Art Gallery - May 2022


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