Journeys to south west Scotland have also provided an environment that continually changes, hour by hour with the weather and the tides.  Hot sands in high summer, winter rains at high tide, and peaty streams as the snows melt form part of a long-lasting theme that Jon has explored for many years.  Painting at the edge of the water requires the ability to capture the essence of the moment, before it’s lost; though the next moment, the next tide can be equally inspirational. Jon continually returns to the Fleet Estuary to paint the coves, bays, and mud flats, again searching for the underlying colours and sense of space.

Haven returns to the waters edge and the nature of beached boats resting on the sand or mud of the estuary.

Sailing to Troy evokes the pleasure of sailing and sketching along the coast of Turkey. Not all the paintings are about the small coastal villages; rather they are about the experience of the wind, the sails and distance.

Clovelly Beach celebrates the meshing of the urban and natural environments of a Sydney lifestyle.

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