Jon Rowland exhibits in London and Oxford.

"I work predominantly in acrylics but increasingly mix the media to include oil, ink and collage. My paintings are in the UK and elsewhere."

Jon's paintings have been displayed at a number of galleries in London including the Royal Academy., and shown at galleries in London and Oxfordshire. He has had solo exhibitions at Wolfson, as resident Artweeks Artist, and Said Business School galleries, which has a number of Jon's paintings on loan, and most recently a successful and critically acclaimed exhibition at the Sewell Centre Gallery . Jon works in series, and much of his work is built around themes of rural landscapes and cityscapes - most recently in the south west of UK, Clovelly Beach in Sydney, Kerala in India and Siracusa in Sicily - exploring colour and space, and the nature of detail - part of the 'Colouration' theme on this website. He is increasingly interested in the presentation of 'feeling' in art.

Jon is pleased to partner Wychwood Art Gallery selling contemporary art on-line and through galleries in London and the Cotswolds. The paintings shown on their website are a selection of current and recent paintings that follow these themes.  If you like one of the series and would like to see more, please contact [email protected] or

His work has been exhibited by Wychwood Art at the Battersea Art Fair.

"What a wonderful feast for the eyes and brain"

"So wonderful I had to buy one"

"Super exhibition - lots of food for thought and stimulation for the imagination"

"Marvellous paintings; gorgeous colours"

"Fantastic, what a revelation, beautiful and vibrant"

A broad chronology of exhibitions:

  • Green College, Oxford - Group Exhibition, c1992
  • Borlase Gallery, Blewbury - Group Exhibition, c1996
  • Linacre College, Oxford - Solo Exhibition,  c2001
  • Canal Street Studios, Oxford - Group Exhibition, c2003
  • Said Business School Gallery, Oxford - Solo Exhibition 2003
  • Berthold Gallery, London - Group Exhibition, 2005
  • Wolfson College, Oxford - Small Paintings - Solo Exhibition 2005
  • Said Business School Gallery, Oxford - Places Spaces and Life - Solo Exhibition 2007
  • Wolfson College, Oxford - Coast to Coast - Solo Exhibition 2010
  • Swann Gallery, Woodstock - Group Exhibition 2010
  • Wolfson College, Oxford - An Exhibition of New Paintings - Solo Exhibition 2014
  • Darren Baker Gallery, London, - Group Exhibition, 2014
  • Bleheim Palace - Group Exhibition Celebrating Capability Brown's 300th Birthday - Group Exhibition 2015/6
  • Battersea Art Fair - London - Represented by Wychwood Art Gallery 2015
  • Wychwood Art Gallery, Oxfordshire - Group Exhibition, 2016
  • Sewell Centre Gallery, Oxfordshire - Solo Exhibition, 2016
  • Wolfson College, Oxford, And Life is Colour - Solo Exhibition 2018
  • Art in St Giles, Oxford - Group Exhibition, 2019
  • Cornerstone Arts Centre Gallery, Oxfordshire - Places and Spaces - Solo Exhibition, 2019
  • Boiler Room Gallery, Jam Factory, Oxford - Solo Exhibition 2019-20
  • The Barn Gallery, St John's College, Oxford - Solo Exhibition 2021
  • The North Wall Arts Centre, Oxford - Solo Exhibition 2021
  • Sewell Centre Gallery, Oxfordshire - Solo Exhibition 2022



Jon Rowland Art