The richness and colour of the landscape can be seen in the paintings of the countryside around Uzes.  Villages, vineyards and some of the events and fetes provide the material for much of his work.  Examples include:

A series of paintings that reflect the movement and passion of the Fetes des Taureaux, during which bulls are driven through local villages and let loose to rampage through the streets. Here the coming together of the black bulls, the white horses of the Carmargues, the local Gitanes in their white shirts and black trousers provides the touchstone for this theme.

Le Paysage d’Uzes celebrates a love affair with the south of France and the area around Uzes, an ancient town, famed for its buildings and most wonderful market. Jon gets his inspiration from the simple agricultural patterns of vineyards, fields of sunflowers.

In particular there is a series of paintings that focus on fields that surround his favourite village. Les Tournesols celebrates the fields packed with sunflowers that follow the path of the sun, sometimes presenting their side views, sometimes face on.

Les Vignobles also seeks to explore the structures that support the growing vines at various times of the year, from the bareness of the spring to the abundance of the summer harvests.

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Jon Rowland Art